What Our Customers are Saying

To Our Potential Clients,
      I believe it's important to offer our potential customers an opportunity to see what some of our clients have to say about Auto Buying Consultants of Maine. These are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials I have received so far. 
      Auto Buying Consultants of Maine prides itself on providing the best service possible so that these satisfied clients are not the exception, but the rule. 



Marilyn | westbrook

Dear Alan,

Thank you, again, for your professional and very knowledgeable car buying service! It was great to see you again and get caught up. Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2019!


G.K. | yarmouth


Thank you for making a usually unpleasant and stressful experience for me into a joyful and satisfying one. I am very happy with everything about today’s experience and I hope we can do this again three years from now. Thank you.

A.K. | pORtlAnd

Hi Alan,

ONCE AGAIN, it was a pleasure working with you! It was the best time I have ever had buying a car. I love my new car and I know I got a good deal! Thank you.

j.p. | pORtlAnd


I just wanted to reach out and THANK YOU for all of your hard work and help with this not so easy process. You were professional, dedicated, friendly and made it FUN and EASY! I honestly cannot thank you enough for helping me feel comfortable with the process and outcome. I absolutely love my new Honda CR-V and hope to work with you again when my 3 year lease is up! I have and will continue to refer the best of the best!! Thank you again and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


Hello Alan!

I simply can't find the words to express my gratitude for your help yesterday.  In fact, I peeked out my window first thing this morning to be sure I really did score this beautiful car!

This experience was an absolute first for me in terms of the trust and confidence I went in with, having your expertise and representation gently guiding the process.   It was entirely PAIN FREE and filled with fun and humor along the way.  I still can't believe I have a gorgeous white 2017 no doubt, Ford Escape sitting in my driveway at an over $200 LESS per month payment than my prior situation which, as you know, was a HOT MESS.   It is evident you are very well respected in this industry and highly regarded with the warm reception received at each of the dealerships we visited. 

I came back to Maine because my soul feels good here, and I love the people of Maine.  Thank you for confirming once again, there are kind, considerate, ethical, genuinely wonderful people in this world that truly want to give back.  You spent your whole Saturday alongside me until every step of this process was completed.  And at a minimal cost of $149.00.  I don't know that I'll ever feel good about that, however I hope you can use some of this letter as another testimony and another way I could extend my thanks. 

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend with your gorgeous wife and that you are taking today OFF!!!! 

Blessings to you and your family.



I cannot thank you enough for your assistance in finding me my dream vehicle. Just as advertised, you made the entire process seamless while maintaining textbook professionalism at all times. I will be sure to continue to plug you as I gloat about my newest toy. Cheers!

l.k. | south PORTLAND


Thanks again for helping me buy my new Subaru Forester! You helped make the experience less intimidating, and even fun! I wouldn’t have gone through with the purchase without your confidence and expertise—I also wouldn’t have saved so much money! Thanks again!


Thank you so much for for all of your help finding me my Toyota Highlander (w/a sunroof!). I have no doubt you saved me tons of $$. You found me exactly what I wanted. Thanks for spending two Saturdays w/me and working as hard as you did. 

Thanks again Alan ; )

D.J. | Windham

Thank you so much for your assistance in buying our new Toyota Prius. We are really happy with out purchase. Having your expertise and knowledge on our side really helped with our decision and made the whole buying process go so much more smoothly than expected!

P.G. | Wells


Thank you for making my car buying experience stress free! You helped me find a vehicle that fits my needs at a great price - I will pass on your name to others.

J.M. | Gorham


Just a brief note to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts on behalf of my family and a rapidly expanding group of friends, all of whom have benefited from the knowledge and experience of Auto Buying Consultants of Maine. We have been very satisfied with your assistance in locating quality vehicles at very reasonable prices. There is a great sense of security in having you serve as a “buyers agent” especially knowing your background and experience in this very confusing business, I also appreciated the opportunity to occasionally bounce ideas off of you.

You provide an excellent service and I will certainly return to Autobuying Consultants of Maine the next time I am in the market.

J.l. | portland

Dear fellow consumer,

If a friend has referred you to Alan, you’ve probably already heard his praises sung. But you may have found Alan, as I did, in the phone book. And you may be wondering, as I was, what the value of the Auto Buying Consultants service is.

That depends on you. For me, the most important thing was convenience. As a first-time car buyer (well, lessor), I was too busy working to pay for the car to take time running from dealer to dealer, never sure of how much information (and how much fluff) I would get out of the sales people. I wanted to make a decision fast, but I didn’t want to get a bad deal because of my haste.

I also decided to work with Alan because I learned from him. Without giving away all his secrets, he taught me enough about the confusing world of car sales and leasing that I could at least understand what I would face. And once I understood that much, I knew I didn’t want to do all the negotiating myself. Again, it was a time issue. I knew that to get a bottom-line good deal, I needed to be armed with lots of knowledge—but I could never learn in a few weeks what Alan has learned over 25 years.

Your reasons for choosing Auto Buying Consultants may be very different from mine. But that’s one of Alan’s greatest strengths: he has been around long enough to know the advantages and disadvantages of the varied approaches to getting you into the car you want. Once you’ve spent the energy figuring out what that car is, let Alan find it—the best price for it—for you.

The value of his service far exceeds his fee, which is why I’m writing this letter. Concluding our relationship with a check didn’t seem a fitting way to express my appreciation: not just for the great car and the great price, but for the warm reception at dealerships and for his open, friendly, and truly caring approach.

I never thought I would make such a big commitment as a car lease without at least a few regrets. But thanks to Alan, I can sleep at night and truly enjoy those back roads.

e.w. | scarborough


I cannot say enough about how thrilled I was to find out about your services. You were professional, knowledgeable, funny and personable. I truly enjoyed my experience with you and you can count on me to refer you to others. We love our car and we love how you made it so easy to get what we wanted.

m.w. | pORtland

Dear Alan,

A very special thank you – never would have had the Regal without you. It is a very special service you are talented to offer.



Thanks for the best car buying experience of my life! I will tell all my friends and hope to send you some business!!!

k.f. | dover, nh


We wanted to thank you for finding us a great set of wheels. We were truly satisfied with the service you provided to us. Boy, it sure was fun working with you.

We wish you the best of luck with your business. It seems to be booming, which is a reflection on the wonderful person that you are and the knowledge and expertise you have about cars.

d.c. | bryant pond

Dear Alan,

Thank you for the fast professional service that you provided to me. You did what I could not do - or really even believed it could be done. I will certainly let friends know of your service.

PS. I wish I'd known of your service earlier - I would have spent the week of my vacation skiing - not running all over car shopping!

g.b. | auburn


Thanks so much for helping our family lease the Toyota Rav 4. As we mentioned many times, we do not like playing the "car game." It was amazing to have you take care of all the legal work for us. I have been telling everyone what a blessing it was having you with us. We love our RAV 4 and are happy we got the best deal we could have possibly gotten. We also appreciate that you took the time to get to know us, our situation and put a lot of thought into what car and type of purchase made the most sense.

m.k. | oxford


Just wanted to let your know that my wife loves her new car. Thanks again for all your help in putting the deal together for us and for clearing up any confusion on the dealers part. As always, it was great seeing you. Thanks you for all your good work on behalf of all our Credit Union members.

e.e. | portlAnd

Hello Alan,

Just want to say thank you again for your time and help with my car purchase. What was feeling like a big overwhelming and scary thing to do myself – turned out to be very easy and pleasant and worthwhile. You made a big difference. And it was nice to get to know you. The car is doing great.

j.c. | portlaNd

Dear Alan,

I have had wonderful experience with Alan handling the auto buying process. Because of the success he has done for me, I have always referred potential clients to Alan knowing that the customers will always be satisfied. Several people that I referred called me after they got a new car saying thanks for the referral, and that it was a stress free process. Whenever I need a new car, I always call on Alan and I know I will always be happy!

d.g. | south portland

Dear Alan,

I'm driving a brand new car much sooner than expected thanks to you! Thank you for spending the day with me lining up the dealerships. Your advice and guidance were invaluable! Thanks also for making a much dreaded experience easier for me!

t.d. | gorham

Dear Alan,

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting as well as working with you in order to purchase our new car. You were very helpful and it was enjoyable to be able to check with an experienced professional in order to confirm we were receiving a good deal. Without your assistance we would not have found the car we ended up purchasing, nor at the price we ended up paying. Thanks you again for all your assistance.