Saving hundreds of customers, thousands of dollars.

Auto Buying Consultants of Maine is a new and used vehicle buying and leasing service that provides you with expert advice on over 40 vehicle manufacturers and hundreds of new car models, each with many options and new features each year. ABC of Maine stays informed about the new technological advances in the industry. 

We will save you time and money on your next vehicle. Our experience, buying power, and dealer networking allows us to negotiate on behalf of you to arrive at a price that is simply not possible for the average customer going it alone. Since we work for you and not any dealer we search ALL dealers in the region using our expertise and knowledge of the business to get you the best price on your vehicle.


In this plan, ABC of Maine will provide you with a complete auto buying service including research and assistance with vehicle selection, price and trade negotiation, and presence at delivery to ensure a smooth transition. Part of this service plan also includes working with you to determine the best value for your needs. Vehicles are evaluated in terms of reliability, re-sale value, safety ratings, mileage, and your particular needs and usage. 


ABC of Maine will review your choice of vehicles and work with both you and the dealership to obtain a fair and equitable final price. We will also use our expertise to ensure that you receive a hassle-free experience at delivery. 

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